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About Blooming Studio

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Blooming Studio is a life style movement in The Way We Art. It was started by ChrisB, Cherry and Vivian in 2018. They dreamed of having a studio space to create art and share life together. “Blooming” holds the meaning of life and joy, shining through the toughest situations. Candles serve to offer light in the darkest places. In the process of candle-making, even though there are times where mistakes are made, or failures experienced, the candle wax is able to be melted again and be reshaped into another piece of artwork. Just like life, even though there are times of struggles, challenges, or disappointments, these can all be used as fuel to offer light and hope to others.

With a focus in the craft of handmade candles, Blooming Studio carries the heart and symbol of sharing life, hopes, dreams and warmth to the world. 

Blooming Studio candles are all hand-poured and hand-crafted with love and care in small customized portions. Our candles are perfect for creating the perfect ambiance and an aromatic atmosphere. They are also unique art pieces in and of themselves which bring elegance to any space.

Part of our proceeds will be used to support community projects which offer art therapy and mental health care for marginalized communities in the GTA, including addiction recovery groups for the homeless and detention center inmates. Our goal is to deliver the message of hope and the beauty of life to people in the midst of darkness, one candle at a time. 



About Us

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ChrisB, Cherry & Vivian

All three of our partners are working part time as an artisan. ChrisB works as a freelance art therapist where she works with various client groups including elderly with dementia in senior homes, internetional students, recovery groups, and inmates at the Detention Centre. Cherry works part time as a customer service specialist at the bank while Vivian works as a part time art teacher. We hope the start of the Blooming Studio will give support we need to keep our passion and love for art and candle making as a sustainable career where we can transition into being a full time artisans.


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